J. Bradley Aust Surgical Society
Traveling Fellowship Award Recipients

 Year  Recipient  Location of Traveling Fellowship  Sponsor
2024 Dr. Ronit Patnaik Oxford, United Kingdom Dr. Patrick Nguyen, Class of 2009
2023 Dr. Aashish Rajesh Siliguri, India Dr. Petar Turcinovic, Class of 1998
2022 Dr. Allison Laffoon Guatemala Dr. Juliane Bingener Casey, Class of 2011, and Mr. Tim Casey
2021 Dr. Kari Smith Guatemala Dr. Rafael Diaz, Class of 2011
2020 Dr. Juliano Riella Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Fla. Dr. Joseph Miller, Class of 1998
2019 Dr. Mohammed Al Fayyadh Imperial College University, London, England Drs. Bruce and Debbie Conway, Class of 1998
2018 Dr. Hallie Baer ACS Quality and Safety Conference, New York, N.Y. Dr. Lillian Liao, Class of 2010
2017 Dr. German Almonte Keio University, Tokyo, Japan Dr. David Dyslin, Class of 1995
2016 Dr. Juan Marcano IRCAD Intensive General Surgery Course, Strasbourg, France Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pollard, Class of 1994
2015 Dr. Carole Villamaria Shriners Hospital for Children, Boston, MA Dr. Mario Rossbach, Class of 1999
2014 Dr. Guillermo Portillo-Ramila University of Rochester New York, Rochester, NY Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Stewart, Class of 1991
2013 Dr. Emmanuel Gabriel MD Anderson, Department of Surgical Oncology, Breast and Melanoma Services, Houston, TX Drs. James Field and Sabrina Lahiri, Class of 2000
2012 Dr. Amita Shah Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), Winston-Salem, NC Dr. Chris Anderson, Class of 2005
2011 Dr. Pranjali Gadgil 4th Annual School of Oncoplastic Surgery Conference, Dallas, TX Dr. Tiffany Anthony, Class of 2006
2010 Dr. Rafael Diaz Flores Hospital Saint-Antoine AP-HP, University of Paris VI, Paris, France Drs. James Field and Sabrina Lahiri, Class of 2000
2009 Dr. Lillian Liao Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA Dr. & Mrs. George Mimari, Class of 1978
2008 Dr. Patrick Nguyen University of Bordeaux, Division of Digestive Surgery, Bordeaux, France Dr. & Mrs. Arthur McFee, Founding Member
2007 No Award Given
2006 Dr. David Zonies Clinical Rotation in Trauma Unit, Johannesburg, South Africa J. Bradley Aust Surgical Society
2005 Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick Detroit, MI UTHSCSA Department of Surgery
2004 Dr. Chris Anderson The Children's Hospital of Alabama, Birmingham, AL UTHSCSA Department of Surgery
2003 Dr. Dimitri Stefanidis Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC UTHSCSA Department of Surgery
2002 Dr. Dan DeArmond Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Thoracic Surgery Service, New York, NY UTHSCSA Department of Surgery
2001 Dr. Jeff McNeil East Carolina University, The Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, NC UTHSCSA Department of Surgery
2000 Dr. Alex Mejia Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD UTHSCSA Department of Surgery