Aust Society Executive Committee

The society shall be administered by a governing board, the executive committee, which will consist of a president, a president-elect, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, a senior members at large and a junior members at large. Presidents shall retain membership on the governing board for a two year term after their presidency.

An orderly progression of officers through the Executive Committee shall be established such that the vice president will be recruited annually from the more senior individual serving as a member at large of the governing board. The sequence of junior member at large to senior member at large, senior member at large to vice-president, vice-president to president-elect, and president-elect to president will pertain.

The chairman of the department of surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio shall sit as an ex officio member of the executive committee.

Executive Committee, Academic Year 2021-2022

President, Dr. Wm. Cannon Lewis
President Elect, Dr. Sabrina Lahiri
Vice President, Dr. John Sullivan
Sr. Member at Large, Dr. Lillian Liao
Jr. Member at Large, Dr. Patrick Nguyen
Past President, Dr. Michael Corneille
Immediate Past President, Dr. John Calhoon
Secretary/Treasurer, Dr. John Myers
Ex-Officio, Dr. Ronald Stewart