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Donations to the Aust Society

1.Aust Society Trust Fund — Contributions are used to support resident activities.


2. J. Bradley Aust Memorial Fund — Honoring the memory of Dr. J. Bradley Aust (1926-2010), Founding Chairman of the UTHSCSA Department of Surgery.


3. Arthur S. McFee Memorial Fund — Honoring the memory of Dr. Arthur S. McFee (1932-2015), one of the founding faculty of the UTHSCSA Department of Surgery.

4. Johnson Memorial Fund — Honoring the memory of Dr. Stewart M. "Skeet" Johnson (1939-2004), and his son, Hugh M. Johnson (1979-2004). Dr. Johnson (Class of 1972) was one of the first Health Science Center surgical residents, and was personally committed to providing clinical training for students, residents and fellows throughout his medical career.


5. Resident Appreciation Fund — Annual holiday gathering in appreciation for the service and commitment of the surgery residents.

6. 'Adopt a Resident' — Sponsor a resident for the purpose of increasing member-program relationships. The areas for sponsorship include: Holiday gathering, annual meeting social events (Chiefs' banquet, Symposium luncheon, formal banquet), annual meeting recreational events (golf, sporting clays, picnic).


7. Resident Jacket Fund — Contributions are used to fund the cost of UT embroidered jackets for the new interns each year.


8. ABSITE Award Fund — Contributions are used to present awards ($250 each) for ABSITE scores as follows: highest senior resident, highest junior resident, highest intern, most improved senior resident, and most improved junior resident. The fund was founded in 2016 by Dr. Guillermo (Class of 2015) and Mrs. Daniela Portillo-Ramila.

9. Distinguished Clinical Excellence Award Fund — Contributions are used to award $1,000 to the Chief Resident who demonstrates the highest level of clinical excellence (voted on by the faculty). This fund was founded in 2016 by the members of the Class of 2016.

10. Chief Residents Fund — Contributions to this fund are used to offset Chief Resident specific expenses throughout the year but primarily those associated with end-of-year activities.

11. Christa Johnson Mars Women in Surgery Fund — A fund to support women in surgery activities. Named after Christa Johnson Mars (Class of 1981), our first woman graduate of the residency program.


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