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Resident Paper Competition — 2021 Award Recipients

Picture of clinical first prize winner Dr. Galen Mills. Picture of clinical second prize winner Dr. Connor McDonald.
Drs. Galen Mills, Connor McDonald, Tyler Stewart (photo not available).


1st place ($500) – Dr. Galen Mills (Orthopaedic Surgery)
Survival Rates in Atlanto-occipital Dissociation: A Look at the Past 20 Years

2nd place ($250) – Dr. Connor McDonald (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Predicting Postoperative AKIRrisk After Isolated CABG Utilizing Peak Preoperative SCr and ACEF Model

3rd place ($100) – Dr. Tyler Stewart (Urology)
Personal Protective Equipment Utilization During Obstructing Ureteral Stone Management During the COVID Pandemic


Picture of basic science first prize winner Dr. Mustafa Khan. Picture of basic science second prize winner Dr. Alejandra Casar Berazaluce. Picture of basic science third prize winner Dr. Jackie Yracheta.

Drs. Mustafa Khan, Alejandra Casar Berazaluce, Jackie Yracheta.

Basic Science

1st place ($500)– Dr. Mustafa Khan (General Surgery)
PD-L1-expressing B Cells Promote Murine Breast Cancer Development and Mediate the Response to Anti-PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor to Upregulate B-cell CD86 and Inhibit Tumor Growth

2nd place ($250) – Dr. Alejandra Casar Berazaluce (General Surgery)
Artificial Intelligence and Computer-Aided Image Diagnosis in Pediatric Surgery: Automated Detection of Pyloric Stenosis with Ultrasonography

3rd place ($100)– Dr. Jackie Yracheta (General Surgery)
Whole Blood Resuscitation Restores Intestinal Perfusion and Influences Gut Microbiome Diversity