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Resident Paper Competition — 2020 Award Recipients

shelke hunter wampler
Drs. Nikhil Shelke, Benjamin Hunter, Mallory Wampler.


1st place ($500) – Dr. Nikhil Shelke (Orthopaedics)
New Surface Anatomical Landmarks Can Guide Pedicle Screw Placement Using Cortical Bone Trajectory

2nd place ($250) – Dr. Benjamin Hunter (Otolaryngology)
Impact of Otolaryngology PGY-1 Curriculum Changes on Resident Operative Experience

3rd place ($100) – Dr. Mallory Wampler (General Surgery)
Gender Bias in Integrated Plastic Surgery Resident Selection Process: An Analysis of Current Trends in the United States


carroll beers Yan

Drs. Nels Carroll, Kevin Beers, Qi Yan.

Basic Science

1st place ($500)– Dr. Nels Carroll (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Operating Outside the Operating Room; Advanced Practitioners Reducing Readmissions in Cardiac Surgery

2nd place ($250) – Dr. Kevin Beers (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Reintervention and Mortality Risk After Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection Repair: Revisiting a Single Institution's Long Term Results

3rd place ($100)– Dr. Qi Yan (Vascular Surgery)
Systematic Review and Metanalysis of Venous Arterialization in Critical Limb Ischemia from Atherosclerosis