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Resident Papers - 2011 Annual Meeting of the Aust Society

Basic Science

1st place – Jeremy Simmons, MD
The Efficacy of Inhaled Nanoparticle Tacrolimus in Preventing Rejection in an Orthotopic Rat Lung Transplant Model

2nd place – Agustin Cornejo, MD
Effect of Osteoblasts and Endothelial Cells Differentiated from Adipose- Derived Stem Cells on Vascularity and Osteogenesis using bony constructs In Vivo


2011 Resident Paper Competition winners


1st place – Joga Ivatury, MD
Evaluation of Operative Type and Timing on Postoperative Length of Stay for Laparoscopic and Open Appendectomy

2nd place – Adham Saad, MD
Aortic and Selective Abdominal Stenting for Acute Complicated Type B Dissection in Patients with Aortic Origin of the Left Vertebral Artery

3rd place (tied)
Ruchir Puri, MD – Transthoracic Repair of Slipped Nissen Fundoplications: Technique and Results
Jacqueline Richa De Arco, MD – Practice Patterns with Inferior Vena Cava Filters in a Level I Trauma Center: What Has Changed?