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Resident Papers - 2009 Annual Meeting of the Aust Society

Basic Science

1st place: Shawn Gifford
Title: Early Versus Delayed Placement of a Temporary Vascular Shunt in Extremity Vascular Injury Reduces Markers of Tissue Injury in an Animal Model

2nd place: Amita Shah
Title: Endothelial Cell-Osteoblast Coculture Ratios for Vasculogenesis and Mineralization

3rd place: Susannah Nicholson
Title: Sleeve Gastrectomy as a Weight-Loss Model in Obese Zucker Rats

2009 Resident Paper Competition winners


1st place: Joga Ivatury
Title: The Effect of Standardized Open Surgical Skills Curriculum on First-Year Surgical Resident Performance
Dr. Ivatury's abstract (pdf)

2nd place: Mark Muir
Title: Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection in Patients with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia and ARDS
Dr. Muir's abstract (pdf)

3rd place: Elizabeth Thomas
Title: Cardiac Surgery Prior to Liver Transplantation